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Motivating Young Women to do their Personal Progress


It is hard to motivate girls to do their Personal Progress. I think Personal Progress should be personal and they should do it on their own…but having some reminders and an incentive or two can also help:).

I am the Personal Progress expert in my ward and I looked high and low for ideas on how to motivate girls to do their Personal Progress and there were hardly any ideas out there on the web so I thought I would share this idea in case it helps anyone else!

(This idea comes from my friend Jesika. Thank you!!)

We have a Personal Progress Jar and if the girls finish any experiences or projects during the week they can write their name and what they 20161106_085311accomplished on a little slip of paper and then add it to the jar.

I set the jar and prize basket up on the table at the front of the Young Women room at the beginning of opening exercises each Sunday. This helps gives the girls a visual reminder every week to do their Personal Progress.

On the first Sunday of every month I randomly pick a name out of the jar and that person gets to pick a prize out of our prize basket. The prizes are just fun little things that I found at the dollar store. 20161106_085434

We’ve been doing this for a little while and so far it has been helping to remind the girls and motivate a good handful of them to do their Personal Progress. I hope that it continues to do so!

My very favorite quote about Personal Progress comes from Sister Elaine S. Dalton:

“Personal Progress helps each young woman who participates develop daily righteous routines and holy habits.”

These routines and habits you develop will help you now and for the rest of your life! Personal Progress is so WORTH IT! Just do it! You won’t regret it one bit! Good luck!




3 thoughts on “Motivating Young Women to do their Personal Progress

      1. We just present them with their ribbon during opening exercises on Sunday and have them tell us what they did for their project. They can also put their name into the jar to have a chance to win a prize…but that’s about it…if you have any good ideas, let me know!!


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