Happiness Hacks for Wintertime

The holidays are about over and the winter blues are about to start, right? And dang, winters in Idaho never end! They last for 8 months, no joke! Cold snow and gray weather for months and months. It can be hard when you live in a basement apartment out in the country. So here are a few of my favorite Happiness Hacks for surviving the winter…


1. SUNSHINE! Open up all of your curtains every single morning and let those rays of sunshine in! (Even if it’s a gray day outside, open up all your curtains and blinds anyway!)


 2. COLOR! Add as many happy colors to your house as possible. Make or buy colorful      pillows. Paint something a fresh, fun new color. Add colorful curtains. Make a fun new garland for your wall or fireplace. Color = happiness! Here are a few colors I’ve added to my house and I have lots of plans for more!



3. MUSIC! This is one of my favorite tips. If it’s turning out to be a blah type of day, turn on some fun, happy music and turn it up LOUD! This always helps lift my mood and helps me feel happy. If I’m having a really hard day I always listen to Christmas music. There’s something about Christmas music that is just magical and fun. Get the Pandora app on your phone and you can listen to awesome music for free. My favorite Pandora stations are: Celtic Woman, Michael Buble, Bluegrass, Disney, etc. Also, it’s a lot of fun to add in a little dance party while you’re listening. Who cares if your kids think you’re crazy! Here’s one of my favorite “pump yourself up” songs right now…


4. Have something to look forward to on your calendar AT ALL TIMES! It doesn’t have to be something huge like a vacation, it can be something small like going to a fun little museum in town, or starting a new book that you’ve wanted to read for a while, or a game night with your spouse. Just always have something to look forward to on your calendar. As for me right now, I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day because that’s one of my favorite holidays. I’m also working on a fun project a little bit each night when my kids go to bed and that also been really fun for me to look forward to doing each day.


What are your favorite happiness hacks for wintertime? I’d really like to know!

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