A Simple Summer Schedule – for kids!

2017-06-25 19.14.16

We’ve been using this schedule for a couple of weeks now and we’ve loved it, so I thought I’d share it here. I was feeling kind of “off” at the beginning of the summer and I realized that I needed a fun little routine for my kiddos and I to make the summer fun and not let it go by and get wasted.

First off, I picked out somethings I wanted to focus on with my kids this summer: music, reading, service, outside time, play. Then I gave everything a day of the week. I kept it super simple. I drew it out on paper because none of my kids can read yet and drawing pictures makes it much more fun for them to understand. Yes, after I explained to them  what all my pictures were, they understood it, ha! #notanartist


Here’s our schedule:

Mondays – Music – We spend a little time singing primary songs around the piano, or I bring out the music bag and we play the instruments together. I keep it short so they enjoy it and don’t start to think it’s a punishment to sing!


Tuesdays – Books and Blankets Outside – I grab our picnic blanket and head outside to the shade with a bunch of books. Then we lay down on the blanket and read together.


Wednesday – Park Day – This is probably my kids’ favorite day of the week. We go to different parks around town and play.


Thursday – Service – We try to find someone to serve. Sometimes we bring cookies to someone (that’s what my picture is above if you can’t tell, ha ha!), or write a letter to someone, or something else that’s fairly simple.


Friday – Library – We go to the library and stock up with a HUGE bag of books!


Saturday – Adventure – Daddy’s home this day so we usually go to some fun stores around town, do something fun outside somewhere, or do something on our summer bucket list.



Every day they look at the chart and get excited about what we’re going to do…and their excitement actually makes me excited too:). I love these simple summer days with my kids.

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