My Daily Routine

Every so often my life changes a bit and I have to revamp my daily routines. I thought I would share my routine as of late. I heard once that your day should never start until it’s been finished on paper first. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my productivity just by writing this out. I’ve been following this routine since Spring and it’s been working well for me at this season of my life. And no, there is no perfect day, so this is just a guideline – my day never goes exactly on schedule like this!


Morning Routine

6:00am – Wake up – Prayer – gratitude + who can I help today?

Scriptures – 20-30 mins (connect with God)

Goal Review – quick glance at vision board, affirmations, dreams

6:45amExercise M W F / Shoulder Therapy T TH S (connect with husband)

7:15am – check phone for 5 minutes and put away + Quickly get ready for the day

7:20am – Get kids up for Family Scripture Study

7:40am – Breakfast (connect with kids) and morning chores (listen to conf. talk)

8:30am – Walk for 30 mins

9:30am-10:30amKid Activity Time (connect with kids)


Afternoon Routine

11:30am – Lunch + make dinner

12:30pm– Naps / Quiet Time / Me Time


4:00pmBooks and Blankets for 30 minutes (outside if good weather)

5:00pmClean Up before Daddy gets home

5:30pm – Dinner

6:00pm10min Kitchen Clean Up


Nighttime Routine

6:45pmRead to kids / Bedtime

7:15pm – Projects / Weeding (connect with husband)

8:00pm – Stop Drop & Roll (stop what you’re doing, drop your phone (turn off), roll into bed)

8:30pmRead for 30 mins

9:00pmLights outPrayer – Gratitude + What is one thing I did well today?

Body Relaxation + Quiet the mind



***A few of my favorite things: starting and ending the day thinking of things that I am grateful for. Also, ending the day thinking about one thing I did well during the day. That has boosted me up and helped me see that I am doing a few things right in life!***

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