Self Care – The 3 Breaks I Take Every Day

Sometimes you don’t know how important something is until you are pushed to your limits and you realize that you HAVE to do it or you won’t survive! Being pregnant and super sick, plus having two little kids to take care of, plus moving far away from family, and moving to a place where I was very alone (and had MICE!!!) pushed me to my limits! I had a rough time for quite a while trying to cope with all of that.


I eventually realized that I needed to start doing something different if I was going to get through all these trials and still be a happy person and a happy mom! I needed to take care of myself first so I could fill my well and be able to happily give to my family. So I started taking 3 breaks a day to keep myself recharged and happy (and sane, ha!).


Morning Break:

My first break is in the morning before the kids get up. I wake up early, pray, read scriptures, and exercise in peace and quiet. This is so important. It’s great if I can get an hour in the morning by myself, but even if it ends up only being 10 minutes, it still helps me a ton. I like to start the day my way instead of having the day start me:).


Quiet Time Break:

My next break is after lunch. Baby goes down for a nap,  the kids get to watch their one show for the day, and I get an hour to myself in peace and quiet. Sometimes I get work done on the computer, sometimes I read or work on a project, sometimes I listen to  a podcast while I fold laundry, and sometimes I just straight up waste time on Instagram;). I need that hour to rest and recharge for the rest of the day.


Evening Break:

After the kids go to bed, I take my last break. Sometimes my husband and I watch a movie, sometimes we go for a walk, or sometimes we just sit and talk. This is when we just rest and recoup from the crazy day.


I’ve noticed when I carve out the time for myself to just rest and be by myself it makes me soooo much happier. It recharges me, gives me the strength to keep going, and gives me much needed time to think and develop myself into the person I want to become instead of getting lost in just changing diapers and cleaning up cheerios all day:).


What do you do to take care of yourself?

2 thoughts on “Self Care – The 3 Breaks I Take Every Day

  1. I love how you take control of your life and not let life take control of you.
    What do to take care of myself? I’m pretty good at it too. I exercise 6 days a week, I go to bed early and wake up early, I eat right (with Weight Watchers help), I pray many times a day, I take time to move slow and be mindful of all God’s creations around me. Life is good.

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